Centerpi​ece Box

      12"x 5"x 5" Reclaimed Box

10"x 5"x 5"

     9"x 9"x 9" Tapered Box

​      20"x 5"x 5" Reclaimed Box


  • Constructed of southern yellow pine
  • 3/8" thick sides
  • Order any quantity
  • Any color
  • Any size

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9"x 9"x 4"

6"x 6"x 4"

6"x 6"x 6"

12"x 12"x 4"

4"x 4"x 4"

5"x 5"x 5"

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Centerpiece Box Wood Boxes

4"x 4"x 2"

​   9"x 6"x 3" Hinged Box